ballet recital 05.16

Thursday, June 19

this year, carter asked to take ballet (we also signed her up for gymnastics). after much searching, we decided to take at ms.pat's school of dance in cordova. we had many school friends in other classes, one of my past parents is a current teacher, many of my past and present students are also students there, etc. also, they have a very similar philosophy to teaching ballet that hope does to teaching preschool. ms.pat's wants children to have fun and love dance. they have a simple recital to minimize cost and put the focus on the child, not the costume, music, etc. it just seemed to be the place for us. carter really loved it, and when daddy had a wedding on the day of the recital and was going to have to miss it and there would be no pictures to show him (because our other camera is his backup), the teachers at ms.pat's quickly moved things so carter could perform on another day. we were very thankful!

love this last picture of her running off stage! she was so cute and i loved just being able to sit and enjoy her performance, which was made possible by my wonderful father who selflessly volunteered to keep miller so mommy, daddy & meme could go and dote on our sweet girl.


dave and jen said...

oooooh!!!! love love LOVE those pictures! so precious!

Kress Smith said...

So sweet! Thoses picture are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Please,please send me the "real" pictures so I can print them. So cute! Hope this little one is more coordinated than her Grammie!

rachel said...

ok maribeth. i'm just now looking at all these pics. i can't stand it. these are just priceless. she is so beautiful and so big. what a little ballerina! i hope we can make a trip back to memphis in the fall so that josh can take celia's pictures again.


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