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Tuesday, June 28

you know the phrase, the cobbler's children have no shoes? well, in our house, it is often chided that the photographer's family has no pictures. don't get me wrong, we have pictures . . . of our children, sometimes even all 3 together. but, those pictures rarely contain one of us, much less both.

in december, josh told me how one of the photographers whose style he really admired was coming to do a workshop in our city. no one comes to our city. like no one. during our discussion, i asked if he would want to see if he could do a shoot of our family. josh seemed shocked that i asked but agreed it was an amazing opportunity as he was coming to where we lived. so, we begged. uh, i mean asked. and, he obliged. 

we couldn't have imagined a better experience. it stormed all week, but this morning it was beautiful and even a bit chilly. 

our children responded like we never see. they are used to someone taking their picture, you know. 

of course, josh couldn't leave the house without a camera of his own, so he shot some behind-the-scenes pictures, too. i love seeing both views. to see jonathan's favorite pictures, you can go here. and, it was also featured here. thank you so much, jonathan! we will treasure these forever!


beth said...

Love the pictures!!!


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