"i'm a princess"

Monday, June 27

i think most girls go through a princess stage. they watch cinderella or sleeping beauty and daydream about discovering they are a princess and maybe even finding their prince. for some reason, i was a little shocked when this all began with spencer. for her, it wasn't about the story, it was about the dress.

we knew there was a hand-me-down snow white dress somewhere, but we hadn't been able to find it anywhere. i stumbled upon it one day in april while in the attic. she immediately put it on . . .  and slept in it . . . and demanded to wear it the next day. i'm talking clothes had to be removed under the dress and pulled up through in order to dress her. she wore it to bed, to preschool, to target, to everywhere she went.

while wearing her new favorite outfit on a trip downstairs in daddy's arms:
s: i'm belle.
daddy: no, you're snow white.
s: oh.
daddy: can you say mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?
s: ME!

(picture taken during an quick outing to the mall.)

while watching the royal wedding, she pointed to cate middleton and said, "look , momma, she's a princess just like me." ("yes, baby. yes, she is.")

although she doesn't wear the dress every waking moment anymore, she does still think she is a princess. "i'm a princess, too .  . ." i think every little girl should think they are a princess . . . and i think sometimes it's okay to treat them like one, too.


grammie said...

Princess? Absolutely!!!


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