uh-oh . . .

Friday, July 15

somebody put baby in the corner!

yes, people, this means we have hit the terrible twos. at first, she thought it was fun. maybe, she even enjoyed it. but, then, she realized what it was all about. time out=no attention. really, it is hard not to laugh . . . the booger-faced glances, the only-made-for-us-to-hear huffing sound . . . she better be careful or we just might send her to time out for a little entertainment. there's nothing to watch on dvr in the summer anyway.


Molly said...

too cute...but really??? Spencer being a terrible two???
Well, I am not sure about that one. Of course she
had me at "bye Ms. Molly"!

beth said...

oh, we are so there, too! meyers thinks it's kind of fun. so now i've started leaving the room!


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