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Tuesday, June 14

this little boy is passionate. he loves like no one else. he loves books and space and food and his family and his friends and . . .

super heroes. like all of them. one of his favorites is the green lantern. so, i decided i would make him a shirt, but it got put in the pile of crafty to dos. and, well, that pile is big . . . huge . . . like never ending. once a few things cleared out, i found this:
 see, i had good intentions--i bought the shirt and even drew the design on freezer papaer.

so, when i was ironing something else the other day, i decided to make someone a little surprise while he was at kindergarten camp. i will show you what i did in case you are lazy like me and don't like to read the instructions on the freezer paper box. this is also to prove to all you girls out there who say you aren't crafty how quick and easy some projects are ;)

step 1: buy supplies (shirt, freezer paper, and paint. i use tulip soft fabric paint in matte.)

step 2: draw design and cut it out or use your cricut (even easier) to do so.

step 3: iron freezer paper onto shirt. make sure your steam option is turned off. this only takes a minute and you just want to make sure that it is adhered to the shirt so your paint won't seep into the area you don't want painted.

step 3 1/2: realize that you ironed the wrong pieces down and do it again. an awesome side note about freezer paper- the same piece can be ironed again and again.

ahh, much better.

step 4: paint your design. i used a stamping dauber to keep my paint thin in hopes that it would have a more vintage-y, faded look. i usually use a foam brush.

step 5: let the paint dry before peeling off the freezer paper.

this is a hard step for me. i am always so anxious to see what it looks like that i peel it off in advance and just try to be careful.

 my favorite little boy in his new shirt:

 my favorite little boy in his new shirt with super hero arms . . .

my favorite little boy in his new shirt with super hero arms and . . . just kidding. that's it.


gtown1 said...

love it!
got some great ideas for fball shirts now esp.
but where do you buy freezer paper?
thanks MM! :)
EJ Williams

Barbee said...

Found the freezer paper at Kroger today...on my 5th stop. It was only about $3. Can't wait to show you the final product:)


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