a trip to the pumpkin patch

Wednesday, November 4

i love fall. i love pumpkins. i love falling leaves, cooler temperatures and warm sweaters. i love decorating for the holidays. i love beginning traditions and continuing those traditions.

each year, we have gone to the same little pumpkin patch in our area of the city. it is in a church yard and the money goes to the student ministry's mission trip (who doesn't want to support that?)

this year, josh has been so busy that we went on the only night someone didn't have something. somehow, it wasn't raining. josh called me that afternoon and asked if we would be ready. i had totally forgotten. the kids were napping. clothes were dirty. i wanted to say no, but how could i? we had to have pumpkin patch pictures, right?

spencer didn't think so. i sat her on the ground and it broke her heart. i don't know if it was teething or the cold, wet ground, but she was sad.

this picture is our children. carter is in her own world, singing or talking non-stop. miller is being a boy and giving spencer all of his attention. spencer is trying to roll with the punches no matter what is happening to her (teeth, brother, or worse).

so her. i found the leggings this summer and knew they would be perfect for fall. she picked each fabric in the pumpkin applique this year. i love the way her legs are intertwined!

why do we even try to pose our children? they are so used to josh and the camera, it is pointless. so a few puffs for the baby and a little freedom for the others and all was well.

oh, how she loves her momma.

and, oh, how her momma loves her.

then, miller proclaimed this his pumpkin. and he attempted to move it across the yard . . .

slow and steady wins the race. s.l.o.w. and steady.


breanne said...

i love the picture of all three...and spencer doing the splits. hilarious to see their personalities in pictures. classic.


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