pocket pants

Saturday, November 7

this boy . . .
loves pocket pants. he also loves to carry things. that is probably why he loves pocket pants.

i know this about him. and to this point, it has never caused harm. until today . . .
remember berta . . . our enormous workhorse of a washing machine.

last night, i filled her to the top with little socks and underwear, pajamas, t-shirts and more. when i woke up, i went to put it all in the dryer. i knew immediately.

what is that all over berta? you ask.
this is what is left of the chosen toy miller carried in his pocket yesterday. this is what is left of what i unknowingly threw into berta with hundreds of teeny tiny clothing.

i didn't know what to do. so i just put it in the dryer. this dryer is like berta circa 1960. they don't make dryers like this anymore. lots and lots of heat using lots and lots of energy. al gore would be mortified.

i am amazed it didn't melt all these thousands of teeny tiny pieces to the clothing.
now you know what i will be doing today.

lesson learned. (i hope.)


jennifer said...

Oh NO! Poor Bertha!

grammie said...

Gotta love little boys! Um..but big boys leave things in their pockets, too! Shredded Kleenex is a bear!

la said...

haha ditto grammie - i'm already in training for this parental issue thanks to a husband who never met a pocket he didn't fill ;)


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