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Wednesday, November 11

here is a sneak peak at a little fall decor.
do you see my little bowl? a few months ago, i went to a great estate sale, but of course i didn't take pictures or blog about it. the prices were great and the dig was even better. i found something that looked like this:
i found this one on ebay. but mine had scallop trim. (i love scallop trim. i think that is why i bought it. that, and it was only $.50.) it is a tole shade from a hanging light fixture. i thought it would make a cute bowl. i spray painted it my favorite color and hot glued twine around the weird line-y part.i really wanted to fill it with sea shells, but i didn't have any. i still don't. and, it is fall. so, i filled it was gourds. what do you think?


gtown1 said...

So cute! I love it. I'm just impressed at the mere fact with 3 kids you can still find time to decorate. Boy do we have seashells.
If I can just find where I put my big bag of them :( We have endless supply down here on the water and they are free! But can't say they are all pretty and full like the $5.00 ones you can buy at TJ Maxx
I'll let you know.

Take care, ejw

la said...

so cute! tole and i are having a moment...and apparently i'm not the only one! love the scallops and the twine around the bottom - great job!

beth said...

so cute!

breanne said...

will....leave me the bowl in your will. thankyouverymuch.


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