on our day off

Friday, November 27

we go to preschool 3 days a week. on our days off, we usually have errands to run or take a field trip to the zoo or park or other local activities. lately, we have spent a little bit more time at home.

it isn't easy for me or my three to stay home for very long. we tend to get bored. maybe it is the small space because it is small. maybe it is the over stimulated environment that is full of toys because it is definitely full of toys. occasionally, they entertain themselves well . . .

she likes to dress up. and design things for dress up.

he likes to read. alot.

and, she likes to eat.

especially yummy pancakes. look at those thighs, they tell it all.

and, if all falls into place, i might get a few minutes to do something myself. when it is not filled with laundry, dishes, floors or laundry, it is filled with this:

this and laundry.

help: i switched to the updated blogger which offers xlarge picture options and now my pictures don't look right. hmm . . .


kris said...

oooh love chubby baby thighs, book reading, and piles of fabric!! this post is a little slice of heaven, lol!

jennifer said...

can you change the pictures to just "large" ? that might solve the problem.

love those baby thighs.

Grammie said...

Love this. Especially the reading part. Can never have too many books!


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