thrifty thursday

Thursday, September 3

this thrifty thursday is a couple of estate sales my mom and i hit on a saturday morning in july. (i know, i know . . .) it has been so long that i honestly don't know what some of this stuff is!

the first sale where most of the items were found was in a very unfavorable area of the city. it probably scared off a lot of people, but not us. my mom was a home health nurse in the area for years and i did a clinical in college at their head start. when we arrived, there were police officers taking a report for the kicked in back door from the night before. not your average sale for sure, but we trudged on through and found some goodies:

b. a super cool plastic aqua container. it was mine. i think you might see it soon full of sewing supplies. in the picture, it is holding a vintage clutch, some paper goods and an old bridge game.

d. some adorable wrought iron shelves i found on the bathroom wall. i have no idea what to do with them, so let me know if you have any ideas. i think the pile next to it is vintage post cards.

e. a couple of vintage children's books. love, love, love vintage children's books!

not pictured: my mom got the cutest 1950's book shelf with sliding glass doors for $20. she was so excited to have a piece of furniture that reminded her of her work in that community.

the next sale was a tiny little house full of 1950s yumminess!

a. that my friends is an aqua vintage metal refrigerator drawer. once again, it was mine. it had a friend, but they were each marked $5. so i only bought the one that looked the best and the lady gave it to me for $3. i think it might have to hold smaller pieces of fabric. and, it is full of glass jars (a major weakness of mine) and the cutest little juice pitcher you have ever seen. if i ever have time to serve my kids juice in the morning, i will take a picture for you. my mom also picked up the tupperwareish yellow pitcher.

c. a cute santa & honeycomb centerpiece, a set of aqua scoops, another glass jar, some random ephemera and a couple of measuring tapes.

so, there you have it. i honestly haven't bought very many things this summer. some weekends we haven't even gone out. last weekend and the weekend before our trip, we found very, very little. i hope it is just the heat. to make up for my lack of picture taking, i am thinking about taking a few pictures of how i use things i found at estate sales around my house. until next time, happy thrifting!


beth e. said...

Do y'all go every saturday? I want to go again soon. I still haven't done anything with my stuff. I keep staring at them waiting for them to tell me what to do to them:)


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