doggie doggy

Thursday, May 21

the following conversation occurred in our car on the way home from the beach.

carter: mommy, how do you spell doggie?
me (on phone with my mom): d . . .
josh nods that he will finish for me.
josh: o . . . g . . . g . . . i . . . e
me: did you just spell it i-e?
josh: you don't think it's y
me: i guess both are grammatically correct
my mom (on the phone): i think it is doggie with an i-e in the window, but rappers are doggy with a y.
me: you mean like snoop doggy dogg?
josh: are you telling me you are going to use snoop doggy dogg as a gramatical standard for our children? He spells dogg with two g's, too. in that case, it would be d . . . o . . . double gizzle, for shizzle, dizzle.

i think having the grammar police as parents may cause our children some distress in the future.


Rachel said...

HA! Loved seeing your beautiful family this weekend. And love keeping up with you on this blog. :)


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