what happens when no one wants to clean up

Tuesday, November 11

photo taken with iphone
cleaning up has been a struggle lately. so, today when carter announced they wanted to watch a movie, i said we had to clean up first. i said i would come help as soon as i finished what i was doing. i was approximately 15 feet away and it took me less than a minute before i went to check on them. there they sat on the playroom floor both with a marker coloring on miller's face! "what do you think you are doing?" i asked. carter quickly replied, "miller is a kitty cat." i told her to clean up the markers and miller to go look at himself in the mirror. he came right back crying, "i no want to be a kitty cat." i know, buddy, i know.

i am honestly shocked this has not happened before in this family. carter has made lipstick and nail polish with markers in the past, but never just drawn on her face. i know this is the creativity rearing its ugly head again, but since when is her blank canvas her brother's face!


Emily & Amelia said...

Carter and Amelia must be in cahoots together - stinkers!!!!!

Kris J. said...

oooh i love pouty miller!!! i just want to squish his marker-ed little cheeks!

The Perkins Girls said...

ha! i think i recall fancy nancy turns her baby sister into a kitty... think that's where the idea came from?? too cute, though!


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