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Wednesday, November 26

last friday, our sweet friends welcomed a new member to their precious family. we all went to visit on saturday. the kids were so excited! when i arrived home from shopping with my mom, they were still napping. they woke up asking if it was time to go see baby charlie. so, after picking up a large diet coke from sonic for ms. jennifer, we headed over to meet baby charlie.
look who is so ready to be a big sister again. she held him for almost an hour. i had to steal him away. she was so sad when i took him, but mommy needs the practice too, right?? why do we forget so quickly how tiny they are? i mean, i have had two babies, why do they always look so small? 
as for miller, he was very interested in the baby and in avery's toys. he played with her toys completely content and would come look at the baby and touch the baby and smile at the baby and then go back to the toys. it was all very interesting. how often do you get a small glimpse into how something may or may not play out in your own life? not much longer until we will know the truth. look how sweet that baby is!

by the way, i know, i know, we have been m.i.a. lately, but it is because i have been sewing like a mad woman-post to come-and josh has been so busy there are no pictures. we would like to say things are slowing down, but since it is the holiday season and we have a baby due soon, then probably not.


Southern Mama said...

Such a sweet post! I love a new baby too. Nothing sweeter!

Anonymous said...

I think she's ready for Flower.


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