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Monday, November 17

yes, i even decorate for "the little holiday that could" as i read another blogger refer to it as. i feel sorry for thanksgiving. it falls between two holidays that people seem to go all out for and it also gets ignored by the giant world of retail. so, i try to give a little love to the holiday that celebrates being thankful. of course, compared to my excitement for fall and absolute love of christmas, it seems almost as sad of an attempt as the rest of the world. 
below is one of my first banners ever. it is also one of my favorite. this banner has existed in some form for 3 years. it began as an attempt to give clout to my daughter's love for collecting leaves and acorns and such. so, i went to hobby lobby and bought several shades of brown cardstock, cut it in quarters and laced it together with a single roll of fall colored ribbon. then, with my old school aleene's craft glue, i created letters from the random nature items we collected on our daily walks. the first year, it read "happy thanksgiving". a little much, i thought. so, we have since changed it up allowing us to use different finds from every year. 
i love the simplicity and greenness of it. very thanksgiving-y, don't you think? i didn't know if it would hold up or not, but several of those letters are the same ones carter and i created three years ago. i just wrap it in tissue paper and store it in a quart size ziploc. oh, how it makes me happy! well, i am off to buy supplies for craft club tonight! wish me happy crafting!



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