Friday, August 4

carter's chin - not sure where the scrap came from on the right, but check out the bruise on the left.

carter telling me "da da hurt" when i asked about her chin. you can see the beginning of the bruise on the edge of her chin to the left.

sorry for the delay in posts. i thought josh would use this blog to keep out of town family informed of the comings and goings of the malahy family. instead, he has continued to email pics to all possible family members and NOT using the blog. so, this is for josh.

a few nights ago, we were all hanging out in miller's room-miller in the crib, josh in the chair, carter running around, and me working in the closet. carter had stopped short of josh's foot and then decided to pick up where she left off, tripping over josh's foot. she landed chin first on the hardwood. crying insued and the next morning her chin had the blackest bruise i've ever seen. i asked carter if her chin hurt and, touching her chin, replied "da da hurt." now, if asked about her booboo or chin replies "da da hurt." i am just waiting to get turned in to dhs!



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