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Thursday, July 6

Welcome family and friends! We decided to start this blog for a couple of reasons: first, we want to keep all of you in touch, informed, and (hopefully) amused; and second, we just really like saying "blog." By the title, "pigtails & pjs", you have probably deduced that the general subject matter will be all things kids. We promise to post regularly and include lots of photos, so check back often!


kelly w said...

hip hip hooray! i'm so happy that "test test test" is gone! welcome to blogland! and blog IS such a fun word!!! sarah and drew better grace your blog as often as carter and miller grace ours (and our website)! ha!

kelly w said...

this blog is a sham :)

Grammie said...

YEA!! Now Grammie can keep up with you guys without waiting for a phone/email reply! Sorry about Miss C's boo boo. As for "da da hurt", just add Josh's name to the other male members of the Malahy/Williams family on DHS's watch list.


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