helter skelter

Wednesday, August 30

so, since my last post, life has been anything but normal. the next morning(saturday), our air conditioning went out and we had to move in with our friends kelly and tim until we could get someone to come fix it on monday. of course, monday was my first day of inservice for preschool which started yesterday. so, instead of slowly getting accustomed to getting myself and two children ready each morning, we were getting ready in someone else's home, borrowing clothes, food, etc. by the way did i mention kelly and tim also have two children under two, and two dogs which carter is afraid of. the girls slept in the same room, miller slept in the playroom with us. it was CRAZY to say the least. meanwhile, we were trying to get ready for carter's second birthday party this past saturday. so, we have many things to post . . .



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