Sunday, May 30

as some of you know, i'm not a fan of jeans on my kids. i just don't see how they are comfortable for babies  and i feel like they make my little ones look too grown up. i know i am in the minority here. trust me. 

but who knew the demand was so great? huggies did.

no, this is not a snl skit. though i really thought it was at first. and, according to this, not only am i in the minority in not putting jeans on my kids, but i may be in the minority if i put pants on my kid at all.


Kelly said...

in the words of my ava, "this hurts my heart."

i'm with you on the jeans!

kris said...

i cringed when i saw these, faith doesn't wear jeans either, since i think they can't be comfy on her still squishy little belly!! so i'm with you girl...

jennifer said...


There are no words.

lauren @ gathering moss said...

oh em gee. i am firmly on team age-appropriate-baby-clothes. and these are not.

got to hang out with josh this weekend at my friend's sewanee wedding. i can't believe it's been almost a year since ours! hope the new place is move-in ready soon :)

Gina said...

And have you seen the commercials? Really bad. Apparently sex sells anything... even denim-look diapers. Yeesh.

sanjeet said...
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