he is four

Tuesday, May 11

this is my sweet boy at the beach last year. he had just turned 3.

this is him just a few days after he turned 4. four.

because i want to freeze time and enjoy him at this age forever, i want to document some of my favorite things about miller at 4:

*he has a huge heart. he loves his mommy like no one else. he is so protective of his baby sister and recently told me that he likes being a big brother better than a little brother. (i don't blame him.)

*he can sleep anywhere. (look at how long he is??) this is what happens if he doesn't get a nap. he cannot make it. can.not.

*he has the sweetest voice. i love to hear him talk and there are several things i could hear him say over and over again. (including: WHAT?!?, Hugh) of course, this same voice can make glass break when he is upset.

*he lays his clothes out on the floor before putting them on, complete with his shoes on the wrong feet ;)

*he still loves books, toy story, pockets, and the colors hot blue and brown. he still loves blueberries, tomatoes (but he doesn't pronouce them bumatoes anymore :( ), cheese, and milk and will take a bite of anything once. even if it is just once.

*he comes up with bedtime get-ups that look like this:

this kid is a mess. full of personality. full of life. full of love. he makes our life more full because he is in it. happy 4th birthday, miller!


jennifer said...

Oh Miller... we love you soooo!

I especially love the picture of his clothes laid out w/ the shoes backwards. TOO cute!

Casual (dash) Cottage said...

What a cute lil' man... love the backward shoes.
We have a saying in our family, my grand-dad taught us to say...when they say to your little boy, you've got your shoes on the wrong feet...teach him to say , "these are the only feet I got!"

ah! to be four again!


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