one year

Tuesday, December 29

one year.

12 months.

365 days.

365 very fast days.

days filled with wonder.

days filled with smiles.

days filled with diapers.

days filled with laughter.

days filled with joy.

days filled with each other.

days filled with everyday life.

some days filled with tears.

one day filled with a sucker. one very happy day.

days filled with love.

365 days.
12 months.
1 year.

we are so blessed to have you in our lives.

happy birthday, sweet girl!


Miller Mom said...

Happy birthday to beautiful Spencer!

MEME said...

How time flies when your having fun! Don't know who originally said it. I only know it describes this past year. It's hard to believe that you're already a year old.

Diane at InMyOwn Style said...

Hi Maribeth- Thanks for stopping by and commenting at, InMyOwnStyle. Getting comments really makes my day. The photos of your little ones are so cute. Mine are all grown up now. I cherish my photos of them when they were little. It goes so fast- one day they are babies the next all grown up. It looks like you are getting the time to really enjoy every moment with them.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Doesn't that first year go way to fast?!!

beth said...

she is so precious! Can't believe it's been a year!

breanne said...

happy birthday sweet girl!


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