dear santa . . .

Friday, December 11

for advent day 6, we chose to write a letter to santa. my kids are great at proclaiming their need and desire to own every single toy advertised in commercials, but when it comes to christmas, they always respond "i don't know". so, i thought we would write him a letter. a letter that mommy could read and hopefully help santa purchase appropriately. 

we started by discussing things they had mentioned wanting at some point and then narrowed it down.

miller narrowed it down to the first two things he wrote down and then he was done, mostly because he ran out of room and partly because he is a three year old boy who was ready to move on.

carter, on the other extreme, color coded each word and really thought hard about what exactly she might want to see under the tree this year.

miller's hot blue letter for santa

they were very concerned about spencer telling santa what she wanted. too bad they didn't ask her before they each told me one thing they thought she needed. bless her heart, i really hope this letter gets misplaced on its way to the north pole.

carter's masterpiece letter to santa
she sounded out and wrote it all. we only helped with difficult sounds like "ch" and "th".

then, carter wanted to know how they would get to santa. but, she immediately suggested that charlie (our elf) take them with him that night when he visited santa. she even suggested leaving them under the tree and, very matter-of-factly, informed him of his task while he sat perched on the hallway sconce.

i guess we will have to wait and see if santa is able to deliver.

so, tell me, what is on your list??


breanne said...

a sewing machine....God love her!!!

beth said...

I know...a sewing machine! That is so cute. She wants to be just like mommy!


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