Tuesday, January 5

i have a problem. or maybe it is a condition.

it is called event adhd.
i only recognized it and was able to label it recently.

see, God has blessed me with three children. three children who each have a birthday during a holiday season-easter, back to school and christmas. (yes, back to school is a holiday, especially if you are a teacher.)
i like to celebrate those three children's birthdays. and, i like to celebrate holidays. i like to make things to celebrate all discussed events. but, let me tell you what happens when i go shopping to accomplish said celebrations. when i am supposed to be crafting for this holiday:

i begin dreaming up things for this holiday:

when i search diligently for this child's birthday party:

i find myself instead purchasing things for this kid's birthday:

why do i do this?

event adhd.

see, i told you it was a problem. or is it a condition?
regardless, i need a solution quick so i can finish crafting up a little soiree this weekend!


Natalie said...

I feel your pain. I have one child who has a birthday the week after Christmas, one who's around Easter (or on it depending on the year), and one who has one the week before my own. It truly is a problem.

Amanda Jo said...

I feel your pain too!!! We do birthdays big in our family so even though I have my one son, we still have lots of other birthdays to plan...

I always make a list and stick to it - it's the only way anything gets done!

la said...

i also feel you, and i don't even have ANY children. i can't leave joann's without supplies for at least three projects that totally weren't on the radar when i entered the store. staying focused is HARD!

Rachel said...

Do it all! You know deep down you can. :) Right?!

Posting some soup recipes over on my neglected blog--thought of you!

Jennifer said...

So Target has the heart shaped molds in the "dollar" spot now. I sure did get some so I can copy your crayons for V-Day! :)

grammie said...

I used to makes lists, too, to keep me "focused". Now if I make a list and forget to take it with me. :(


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