like the chinese proverb says, "learning is a treasure . . ."

Sunday, August 16

it always starts so innocently. josh hands me the tv remote as he leaves so i am not left watching his selection which can make me crazy. i flip through the channels looking for something to listen to while i read blogs or search for fabric (my current obsession). i realize there is absolutely nothing on so i search for the least obnoxious background noise or  

. . . the train wreck. 

you know what i mean. the tv show that no matter how horrific it may sound, must be watched because you cannot believe someone actually spent money and time making such a show. most of these shows currently reside on the same channel. you know the one. tlc. the learning channel. if learning includes being educated about the most obscure, most ridiculous, or most disgusting, then i guess it is the correct moniker. 

so, now that you know how it happens, let me tell you my current train wreck:

i know, you watch it too, don't you?? 

i sit with mouth agape throughout each show. it really is shocking.

what have i learned you ask? well, let me tell you . . . 
1. after the first episode, i have pretty much determined i have absolutely no desire to reside in west virginia. if the people on the episode are an accurate sampling of the population, then i am pretty sure i don't want to visit either. (insert dueling banjos here)
2. i know what a "flipper" and a "fall" are. maybe i am sheltered, but i had never heard anyone refer to a "flipper" and i thought a "fall" was only for an adult. they sure schooled me!
3. being a stay at home mommy, i am not always up to date on my slang. it appears that the new terminology for "queen" is "pagaent dad". please see example below.

thank you, tlc. you definitely are the learning channel.


Rachel said...

Ha! You are hilarious. And yes, I have watched an episode or two of T&T; rather, I have been unwillingly chained to the TV screen trying to make my brain believe what my eyes are seeing. It's horrible and fascinating, all at the same time. Mostly I just think, "There are actually people out there that do this. There are actually people out there who do this?!"

breanne said...

whaaaat, you don't like throwing thousands of dollars away on fake teeph (and yes, slang there), glittery gowns, "talent" props, and getting your hair did? who knew the gemagic would do so well!


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