5 years

Tuesday, August 25

five years ago today, our lives were changed forever as we walked into a hospital in the early hours of the morning to give birth to our first baby, carter elizabeth. 
she was a very laid back baby who did everything in her own time.
things haven't changed much.
she slept well and ate enough of almost anything.
she is up promptly at 6:30 am regardless of when she went to sleep,
and would like to eat only sweets.
she sucked her two middle fingers on her right hand.
and still did until a few months ago when she stopped on her own.
she was a sweet, dainty baby.
she is sweet and sassy, 
loves to create and imaginate (her own word for story telling),
is opinionated and shy,
loves dress up, make up and anything that sparkles.
her first birthday
her fifth birthday

it is so hard to believe 5 years have past since i learned to juggle the needs of someone other than myself. carter taught me to love someone more than i thought i could. she made me understand why my parents always said, "this hurts me more than it hurts you" because it does. i will never close my eyes at night without questioning if she is safe. she is and will always be my sweet girl. and i thank God for allowing me this amazing responsibility. happy birthday, sweet girl! i love you!


breanne said...

so sweet! how'd the cupcake tee turn out?

Emily & Amelia said...

Happy Birthday Carter!!!!!!!!

Molly said...

oh what a sweet post! She is such a sweet little girl!


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