registration day

Tuesday, August 3

today we attended our first school registration day. my mom came over to watch the younger two while josh and i took carter. we had all the necessary paperwork proving birth date and residence, but when we arrived, we were handed a stack of papers to fill out. 
i felt like i was buying another house i signed my name so many times.

 even carter had to sign her name . . . on the internet student user agreement. who knew?
once we were finished with the paperwork, we headed to the cafeteria to pickup her supplies. 
 it was super convenient to just walk up and purchase the kindergarten box that was filled with the exact supplies the teachers has requested including a chair bag (i think it needs a little something-what do you think?) and her choice of nap mat. her choice was barbie. of course, it was. 
the first day is approaching fast. let the emotional roller coaster begin.



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