it's hot!

Friday, August 13

heat will make you do funny things. 
 since we moved, it has been hot. so hot. and humid. with no rain. in fact, it is really miserable.

but our days as a family of preschoolers is limited. carter had her first day of kindergarten on tuesday. next week, it's five days a week.

 so, in an attempt to max out our time and show josh all the things we did when he worked in an office, we decided to go to my big backyard.

 today day it was 100 degrees outside. 100 degrees. it was hot. and the heat . . .

 can make you forget about the ones you love the most.

 can make you bite off more than you can chew.

 can make you so tired you want to fall asleep sitting up.

 can make you sit in a pool of hot water and forget who or what may have before.

 can make you befriend even the most unlikely of friends.

while we will miss the carefree days of summer, we will not miss the heat. 



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