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Wednesday, April 14

blogging disney is difficult. maybe that is why i know a few blogs that stopped being updated after attempting to blog a disney trip. i am relieved this trip is documented and ready to move on. because not everything seemed to fit somewhere, here are a few more random disney facts:

miller thinks we took a wrong turn on our way to the beach and that is how we ended up at disney world.

my kids are obsessed with peter pan. obsessed.

randomly, when we are driving, carter or miller will throw their hands up and act like they are on a roller coaster. weeeeee!

because many of you asked, yes, i did make the mickey shirts from day 1 and the guitar shirt from day 4.

i relished in taking a not-yet-walking 13 month old to disney. she was content in the stroller and my sling when we had to stroller park, which was often.

even my dad was impressed with the disney experience.

i really want to go back. soon. like they say, it is the happiest place on earth.

"just keep swimming, just keep swimming . . . "


Kelly said...

i was checking out your disney pics when emma noticed what i was looking at. she has not stopped talking about disney world! trying to tell her about the life of a church planter and the roller coaster ride of compensation...;)


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