from socks to pigtails

Thursday, April 22

what do they say about march? in like a lion, out like a lamb . . . or is it in like a lamb, out like a lion? 
i have no idea, but if you were talking about our march, it would be crazy.
while i have a lot of catching up to do, i will begin with a few random pictures of our every day.

sometimes when my kids are playing at my parents' house, they will take a bath because everything is better at meme and papaw's house. my mom started curling carter's hair with sponge rollers occasionally and she loved it. one night after a bath at home, she requested i curl her hair. because i do not own a curler of any kind, i rocked it old school with socks. josh was so confused. having come from a house full of boys, he had no idea why i would use socks. i told him he was lucky we didn't have frozen orange juice cans or i would have used those. do they even make those anymore??

on a lazy monday, dr. carter requested i see her for an appointment.

it's a good thing i took her up on the suggested appointment as i had an ear infection and needed a shot.
(why do all pretend doctor visits end in a shot? i know the majority of our real appointments don't.)

she loves making graphs and charts.

look at those chubby baby thighs

playing on the playground at preschool during spring break
(i know, we can't stay away.)

and, for the first time, 

josh suggested we see if spencer's hair would go in pigtails. i couldn't believe it was already long enough.

oh. my. goodness!


beth said...

Socks, really? I had no idea. We just used sponge rollers back in the day and those spongey/bendy ones. I'll keep socks in mind for future hair days!

Mel said...

oh how sweet!!! I love the piggies!!

breanne said...

oh my goodness gracious...when you walked in to meyer's party with spencer in piggies i almost died! beyond cute:)


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