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Thursday, July 9

so, i skipped last week because it was a holiday weekend, and, maybe because i need pictures from an estate sale i went to forever ago and i never took them. that is my problem here-if i don't take the pictures when unloading the car, then i immediately put some things to use and clean a few things and, before you know it, i don't even remember what all i bought. i have 3 children, people-out of sight, out of mind. 

but, i did take pictures of a sale i went to a couple of weeks ago. it was near my house and boasted an attic full, tents on the yard, etc. these are my favorite sales. sales where i believe i may find a hidden treasure they didn't know about and sneak it off to my home for only pennies of its value cackling all the way. (i have these fantasies because of all the crazy stories i read on blogs of people from the northwest. apparently, they pay y'all to take fun, kitschy stuff home. oh, one day, my friends. one day.)

where was i . . . so my mom and i head over a little later than planned due to her preparing for family that was arriving later that day. the sale was in a house that was very tidy and the downstairs was impeccably decorated in antiques and high end pieces. i headed straight up to the attic for a pink frame i saw in the pictures. i found it, but decided on the white one below instead. (btw, my friend who came later bought the pink frame!) then, i started digging. 
miller has been wanting one of those sesame street themed toys in the left hand corner. he said he wanted it for spencer . . . until i brought it home, now it is his alone. what you see is lots and lots of vintage fabric (won't that vintage cowboy print make the cutest pants for miller??), vintage patterns (some dating to the 30s and 40s), vintage star wars and sesame street sheet sets, vintage chenille (you may see the pink with white stripes real soon), vintage greeting cards and magazines, and the diaper box is full of random paper pieces that were in the bottom of something else, a vintage beaded hand bag in the original plastic and box, two antique bisque dolls and more (all my mom's finds).
look at those vintage hand embroidered bibs-i can't wait to put them on my chunky monkey!! and buttons, a measuring tape, strawberry pincushion and tiny bobbins completed my finds in the attic. after a quick trip to the car, we headed to the tent where i found some of my favorite things-vintage christmas!!!!! oh, i love christmas! it is my favorite holiday by far! some of my finds included tiny glass ornaments, bells on button cards (i had never seen before), little elves, a santa hat, and lots of ornaments made in japan. how fun are those aluminum martini glasses?? and, then, i found a wooden tool box (see below). isn't it so cute?? it will house something fun . . . once i figure out what, i will let you know.
it was definitely a success! i will post more pictures as things find a home. and, my high chair should be ready for a reveal next week-i had to order something online. happy thrifting!


Sonya @ Balentine Bliss said...

Fun, fun, fun stuff!!! Please, please call me when "the girls" go to the next one! I would love to come rummage with you guys!

I went to a couple of sales a few weeks ago and thought of you - one lady had soem of the most remarkable things - some vintage linens and toys, cards, antique sewing stuff, books, MILK GLASS - it was so much fun! - I need to get your number so when I come across stuff I can call you in the future!!

I bought some gorgeous hard bound books from the 1920 and 30's and some other stuff I will post soon.

I think it would be a blast to all get together and raid the sales! Have a girls morning out!

Have a great day! Enjoyed your post!

grammie said...

Cute stuff! Soon, you're going to need to add another room just for all your "finds". :)

la said...

i want to be you when i grow up ;)

Beth said...

i live in collierville and go to thrift stores at least once a week. once my little one gets a little bigger, we will hit yard sales and estate sales. you came home with a haul! lucky!

jennifer said...

love them. especially the cowboy fabric.

breanne said...

I'm with jen...i'm so diggin' the cowboy print so if you wanna make tanner some pants too i think i'd love you forever...hehe.

jflasteele02 said...

I'm so jealous of all that wonderful Fabric!!! If you decide not to use some of it, please let me know! =) We haven't been to yard sales and estate sales in a while. We've got to get back into it. We should go together sometime! =)


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