Tuesday, July 28

we decided to add the photobooth as an option for wedding packages, but of course we couldn't do that until we tried it out ourselves. one night while spencer and i shopped for post pregnancy wedding photographer attire, josh and the big kids had a little fun . . .
her new pose anytime she sees a camera
she is definitely not one to shy away from the camera

the result of josh's request for props.
can you find miller?
everyone loves a popsicle!
like daddy,
like daughter!

once again, she tries to do it just like daddy!

funny faces!
love how he is looking at her!

these pictures make me want to leave this up in our house all the time. don't be surprised if it is at the next birthday party! it is seriously fun! 

things are still a little crazy around here, but i plan to start posting regularly again. so, if you are still checking, thank you! i have lots of plans-my reveal, a couple of tutorials, some thriftiness, a 6 mo photo shoot and more!


Molly said...

I love those pictures....all of them!
I DO think you should have the up!
What a cute family!!!

Hope your summer is going well. Tell
Carter I said Hi and give her a () hug!

Kodi said...

You have a beautiful family. I recently attended the first wedding I'd been to with a photobooth. It was a huge success. Their photographer didn't provide it. They paid over $1,000 just for the photobooth! That's crazy to me! :)

beth e. said...

I want a photobooth at my house:) Very cute!

la said...

so cute! and sweet carter has an impressive tongue!

the photobooth was such a hit at our wedding that i'm incorporating my own diy version at a picnic event i'm planning for work this fall :) i predict a wedding best-seller for j malahy photography!!


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