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Wednesday, March 7

i've been behind on blogging ever since my lap top broke (last february) and I have to use either the kids' computer or Josh's computer. it isn't convenient so I forget and let things go. sometimes, i let things go past the point of purpose, so i back date them because this is our family journal, right?

I read a blog post recently where the writer said there are times that you wait too long to tell people something and then it just seems really awkward when you finally tell them. where am I going with this, you ask?
instagram picture my boss janie took of my friend kris and me (in the polka dots)

here it is: we had a baby last week!

see, it's a little weird. especially, if you don't see me on a regular (or reggery, as spencer says) basis. I'm not one to share such news on Facebook either. if you don't see me after I start showing, then suddenly I have a secret that I didn't know I was keeping.

it all began last summer. when scheduling my yearly checkup, I realized I was late. 3 days late. the test was positive. we were shocked. shocked. shocked. I really don't think I can emphasize to you how shocked. we went to the doctor, the pregnancy was confirmed, we had an ultrasound because I was measuring small, but the baby looked perfectly six weeks. and we still couldn't believe it. i'm not sure why we were so thrown with this baby except that we never expected it. we feel like she is a gift from God that he knew we needed even when we didn't.

as many of you know, we wait forever to tell anyway. we usually tell as we enter the second trimester. and, this being my fifth pregnancy (fourth baby), I started to show immediately. but, reality was slow to sink in, so we waited. with spencer, I posted about my pregnancy after twenty weeks, so that was my plan. but, then, it was Halloween, then thanksgiving and then our trip to disney world. I felt like I was always planning the next thing. then there was Christmas, Spencer's birthday, my birthday, our just ducky trunk show, valentine's day and before I knew it, we had a baby!

I planned to post all my past posts and be caught up in time for my induction, but baby had other plans. obviously, I'm still behind on blogging, but I've started writing posts on my phone during middle-of-the-night feedings do I should be caught up in no time!


Maxabella said...

WOW, Maribeth! Wow! You really were behind on your blogging weren't you... but then, you had far better things to be going on with. Congratulations and best wishes for the 'newborn' stage. x

Kodi said...

Oh my gosh! Wow! I'm a terrible commenter but I just love reading. I thought you looked a little pregnant in a Disney pic, but then I shamed myself for jumping to conclusions. Ha!

Sarah said...



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