Thursday, November 3

fall break is known as staycation at our house. we consider it super convenient that in the middle of josh's busy season we all get a week off of school. this year was no different. josh's schedule was so crazy that it felt like we needed this break more than ever. it didn't help that miller would prefer if school wasn't five consecutive days in a row. so, as fall break approached, we began counting down the days and planning what we would do to enjoy them. 

we began by visiting the scarecrow exhibit at lichterman nature center.

while we were there, we decided to wander around some of the trails, too.

we were graciously treated to this event by meme and papaw who happened to have a membership to the center, so it was nice for everyone to be able to go at their own pace.

we also visited the corn maze with friends one night, but because most of the little ones were non-cooperative, this is the only picture. these two love to run through the maze and try to figure out the clues, but spencer had a tough time navigating it this year due to the uneven terrain after it rained.

and, a fall break favorite, the pumpkin patch . . .
 this year, we let each child pick two pumpkins, one to carve and one to paint.

 as usual, it took a lot of searching to find just the right one. spencer wasn't sure she wanted any of them.

 we had to make the rule that you had to be able to carry it yourself.

 miller found lots of pumpkins that he thought might be the one.

 rolling is not the same as carrying. we're just sayin'.

 oh, wait, i can take home this little pumpkin. it's so cute.

 spencer picked one. so we chose a second one for her because she would have been more sad if she didn't get to paint or have one carved.

 tiny pumpkins were popular at our house this year. that worked for me though . . . less to clean out.

 the biggest pumpkin we took home.

the first ever annual pumpkin patch picture where everyone is looking and no one is crying!

now, that is more like it!



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