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Monday, October 17

um, let's just pretend it hasn't been two months since i blogged. let's also pretend that some incredibly rude and tiny person didn't anonymously correct my spelling in my last post. in fact, we will blame them for the reason it has so long since my last post. (even though it's not true and they don't deserve such credit.)

and, while we are pretending, i would like to pretend that my first baby is not already seven. seven. it is so hard to believe. and, as always, said birthday came on the heels of the first week of preschool. it was an insanely busy week of an insanely busy month that began with two children starting/returning to school. we talked about what she might want for her birthday party and her answers were . . .  not what i was expecting. most of them were expensive or ridiculous or random. i almost thought she didn't want to have a party. i threatened several times to not have a party at all to which she would baulk and roll her eyes and act like the world was ending. (seven, remember.) so, the week of her birthday we decided to wait and do her party the next week and we decided to make it small and something totally her--a crafting party with her closest friends. 
they started with a canvas. i painted an example for them. somehow we didn't take a single picture of the finished ones even though they turned out so cute!

as they arrived, the girls chose a paint color and got started.

once they finished painting, we set that project aside while the paint dried.

their next project is near to my heart because i made tons of them when i was in elementary school.

but this time, some incredibly smart person found an easier way to hold it. and, of course, i had to cute-n them up.
the girls chose the thread colors for their friendship bracelets from my old thread box from fourth grade. as you can tell, this was a difficult decision and took lots of careful thinking.

after tying a knot, we clippedit to the top of the clipboard and started knotting.

we, i mean the girls worked hard on this project off and on for the rest of the party.

snow white provided the occasional entertainment.

when the canvases dried, they cut the tree shape out of fabric scraps and mod podged them onto the canvas. then, i gave them a final coat of mod podge before setting them aside to dry. apparently, this is when josh went to get pizza and, therefore, we have no evidence of this step.

the final project was shrinky dinks! did you know you can buy shrinky dink paper at hob lob. then, the girls used sharpies to draw whatever they wanted . . . heart shaped pendants, miniature versions of their hands, and other tiny things.
not to be left out, miller made a super hero and then we shrunk him, too, because shrinking things is really fun.

and, spencer decided to make . . . something.

we finished up with the girls decorating their own cupcakes and carter opening her presents.

i think all the girls had fun making things and hanging out. and when they were all gone, one lingered a little longer to enjoy her cupcake.


beth said...

So cute! You always have great birthday ideas.....it's like a gift or something. But a gift I will totally steal when Meyers is old enough to have a party like that:)


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