the first day

Monday, August 15

it's so hard to believe we are sending another child off the kindergarten. but, he is so ready!

he picked out his backpack and lunchbox and all the fabrics for his nap mat. 

(speaking of the nap mat, at registration day, they only had a few left. he said they were unacceptable, and in his defense, they were unacceptable. his sister has a cool barbie nap mat from last year, so he thought for sure they would have something like super heroes or star wars. instead, they had clouds, bumble bees, and raggedy ann and andy. no, thank you. then, i mentioned i might be able to make it since it was just some straight lines. so, off we went to find the perfect supplies. while at the store, i inquired for some help with the type of backing i might need. as we talked about what i was trying to accomplish, the woman said, "you do sew, right?" to which miller responded, "my mom can sew anything! she's awesome!" and, from that moment on, no matter what stress this mat caused me, it would be made for him because well, i can sew anything, right.)

and, his big sister is super excited about another school year!

 i know most of you are shocked when i tell you we were running so late. like later than late. it is so much harder to get twice the amount of supplies to school the first day, not to mention five people including a toddler who demanded to walk all by herself which was only half bad because we were using the stroller to get the supplies to school. and, i am sure our lateness was not at all perpetuated by the child who asked for me to make her dress and then cried because the headband i surprised her with was the wrong shade of aqua. seriously.
 notice how big sister is carrying her brother's nap mat this year. do you remember that he carried her backpack last year? sometimes they are so sweet to each other it makes my heart hurt. other times we won't discuss.

 we took carter first. she acted like the seasoned pro from the get go.

 then, it was miller's turn. this is miller with his sweet teacher, miss grashot.

 miller wasn't the only one who thought he was going to kindergarten. he was very sweet to let her pretend for a minute.
with a little coercion, we were out the door and headed back home.

and then there was one . . .


Anonymous said...

might wanna retake that kindergarten sign picture when he gets home and change the D to a T :)

grammie said...

Adorable!! (Hee,hee. I noticed the sign, too. Hope it wasn't his teacher who wrote it.)

Meme said...

Didn't notice the misspelling - after all it is German for "children's garden". I did notice a bright, smiling, eager student looking forward to a new adventure. " My Goodness Miller!" I blinked and you grew up. Hope you have a great year!


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