all she wants to do

Saturday, March 19

this little monster was found at target during valentine shopping. she loves it so much. she would say she needed the monster when we were shopping. she would hold the monster, kiss the monster, tell me how much the monster loved her and then, at the end of our shopping trip put the monster back on the shelf with a wave and shout of goodbye. then, we stumbled upon the monster in the 90% clearance section after the holiday had passed. even though it didn't play music, i thought it was worth the $1 to take a risk. a couple of new batteries and she just can't stop . . . all she wants to do is dance.


beth said...

OH my gravy!!! That is so adorable! I love those squishy legs!!! And she has got some serious moves!!

Molly said...

Not sure how I missed this post! It is so adorable...
She had me at "bye, Miss Molly!"

MEME said...

I realize I'm partial but watching this is such a wonderful way to start my day.


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