on christmas day

Thursday, January 6

though i have post dated the last several posts i have written because i am so far behind, i figured since i was actually posting this sooner than last year, i would leave it be . . . so here's to a new year and new beginnings.

and, now, i give you christmas day at our house . . .
well, because on christmas eve, all our pictures looked like this.

 the next morning, these two were so patient waiting in our bed watching various christmas specials while they waited for their sister to wake so they could run down stairs and find this . . .
 carter was so excited about her princess bible (in her book stack under the tree) that she didn't even look at what santa had left.
 looks like santa found out about our insane love for peter and friends.
 look! a lego r2d2 watch with a little man! santa listened!
 monsters! spencer loves monsters and books, so this book was a hit . . .
 until she saw baby jesus sitting next to her and begged mommy to rock him and "sing sunshine". how could i say no???
 bed head and presents . . . what could be better!
 "gasp! baby boy!" spencer's favorite gift-mismatched bitty twins!

so, before, we opening any more presents, we decided to take our annual pj picture-

 really. i know it is hard to believe anyone has mad pitcher skillz when we have results like this . . .

but, it is a good thing we kept taking photos or we might have missed the getup someone demanded to wear the rest of the morning/afternoon:
what a mess!



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