sugar high

Monday, October 25

each year we go to the fall festival at the preschool where i work. it is huge and the kids have so much fun and collect more candy than they can eat and we finish it off at perkins eating brinner with friends.

this year, spencer wanted some candy, too. since candy is awarded as prizes, she had to play a few games. 
 it is a good thing she is cute because she didn't exactly understand all the rules.

 to balance out her lack of ability due to age, she helped with clean up, too.

 then, it was off to choose her prize.

it was a difficult decision.

 a decision that required much thought . . .

 and a little sacrifice . . . even if it was partially eaten.

wrangling three in the crowd made for little photos, but i did make josh take the picture below because many of you know my children, especially carter, have a fear of animals. but, she asked to do this . . .
and, i let her even though there was a girl holding a chicken standing feet away from her and screaming, "cool kids want to hold a chicken!"

no. i did not make this up.

halloween always brings out the crazies.



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