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Thursday, July 8

we returned from la to boxes and painting and cleaning and reality. josh had to work out the last four days of his day job including one out of town and shoot a wedding. carter was in the midst of kindergarten camp and the rest of us just waited. on the first day we could, we finally moved into the new house. or at least we put beds in all the rooms so everyone could sleep there. josh set up his office. and we took the big kids to vbs. then, we started to unload the boxes. so many boxes.

and, then we realized we were missing some furniture. miller didn't have a dresser . . . because it was built into the closet at the old house. i didn't have a craft cabinet . . . . because it was the built-in from the playroom at the old house. we were in need of some things. so, we decided to take a little road trip  . . . .

to ikea! because we planned on buying several things and the beast (our expedition) is pretty maxed out just from shear numbers, we decided to rent a u-haul once we arrived. 

we had heard about ikea's play place. because we had so much shopping to do, we thought we would try 
it. so, we dropped the big kids off and were given a pager and 45 minutes of shopping time sans 2 walking kids. (in case you don't know, 45 minutes of shopping time with only one kid who will sit in a cart is equivalent to 3 days of shopping with 2 additional children who walk alongside the cart wandering off because they saw something shiny or begging for every little trinket they absolutely neeeed.) so with our trusty ikea pencil and list in hand we raced off to make the best of our time.

we managed to walk through the vignettes and the showroom documenting all our furniture needs before our 45 minutes were up. we also met up with josh's parents and grabbed another cart for the little stuff because their carts are tiny.

we spent hours (literally) wandering around ikea buying picture frames and cheese graters and cinnamon rolls. and, when looking though bin after bin lost its excitement, carter and miller found their own way to entertain themselves . . . and others passing by. while it wasn't as fun as the rock wall, ball pit, movie theater or art center in the play place, they seemed to be just as happy.
eventually our time at ikea came to a close, but not before we had taken advantage of their amazing prices and their incredibly kid friendly environment. in fact, if i hadn't carried her out kicking and screaming, my little ocd handwashing baby would still be right here . . .

we miss you, ikea! and your swedish meatballs, cinnamon rolls, tiny sinks, free diapers, paper measuring strips, free play place and all your other family friendliness. other stores should stop and take notice. we would tell them, but we are too busy putting together all this . . .

but, we will see you next time . . .  the kids can't wait to come back and play!


Katie Toombs said...

Where is Ikea?? and I can't wait to see pics of the new house!
ps where is your MIA friend Jennifer?? I read her blog too and let's just say it's been a month since any postings! ...i promise I'm not a stalker. :)

beth said...

I so want to go to Ikea. And I want to eat little Spencer up in her cute bubble and chunky legs!!!


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