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Friday, May 30

so, this blog was supposed to be a place for us to share photos and stories with all of our family since everyone lived out of town. at the time, josh would send photos by email and we would get a plethora of comments that we loved to hear and wanted other family members to be able to view. the commenting never really caught on with the fam (honestly, i don't think they know how!), most comments have come from friends. and over time, we have totally slacked on posting because we didn't feel like anyone was reading or viewing. occasionally, someone would comment to us that we hadn't updated the blog, and occasionally, josh would go into turbo mode and post the highlights of the past several months. 
then, in the april (after much harassment), josh made a decision, he was going to keep our blog up to date and post regularly, but as you can tell, that didn't pan out. he did it for a couple of entries, but now he is too busy with his own blog and photography business to even think about posting here. people say, "why don't you post?" well, because all of the photos are on josh's computer, and let's be honest, you come to look at cute pictures of my kids, not read the witty remarks i post. so, i am trying to update our blog, i will back up to when josh last posted, so . . . . stay tuned! and, feel free to comment (hint, hint)!


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It is about time! And by the way, I never could comment before because it would'nt allow anonymous... but here I am now!!!!

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