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Saturday, June 30

june has been crazy and things don't appear to be slowing down. we have been home from the beach almost a week and josh finally finished the pictures, so those should be posted soon. but i have to share these little things before you get bombarded with tons of cute pictures.

the friday before we left to go to the beach, carter said some funny things. that morning while getting dressed, we were talking about going to the beach and she said, "the beach is in florida."
we then discussed how meme and papaw were in arkansas, grammie and papa joe were in georgia, and chris and margaret in mississippi. and then i said and we live in tennessee. her eyes got really big and she replied, "under the sea."

later that morning on the way to walmart, she was asking me where everyone was. where's miss baby avery? miss jennifer? mr david? daddy? meme? papaw? and on and on and on until "where's mr jesus?"

then, at walmart as we drive around making last minute purchases for our trip, we drive through the dairy department and she says, "mommy, i have never seen yogurt at walmart in all my life." in all your life, huh?

like they say, kids say the darnedest things.



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