winnie the who

Tuesday, May 1

so, a few weeks ago, carter was watching the disney channel and saw a commercial for a new show coming soon. she asked me the name of each character, most of who i knew from the original. then later that day, carter asked to color and choose a coloring book from the collection her meme and papaw recently brought her. when we looked through the books, carter pointed and said "that one, winnie the pooh-pooh."

so, this leads me to the following: why can disney not come up with an original idea? instead, they rewrite the successes they had in the past, yet they are not successes. one example, cinderella becomes cinderella 2 and, my favorite, cinderella: 3 a twist in time. "what if the slipper didn't fit?" that is their slogan-seriously?? isn't that the entire point of the original?and now, they are rewriting winnie the pooh. where is christopher robin? why do they have to include a skateboard? not everything your child watches has to be current. they can learn from the original in it's simplicity. now, they are going to become detectives or something each episode and try to solve a mystery. why? why does disney do this? just let things be. hire somebody with an original idea because otherwise it is just that-winnie the pooh-pooh!



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