this one goes out to poppy bill

Friday, November 10

so, for those of you thinking FINALLY, they are posting again . . . let me explain. we began blogging because absolutely none of our blood related family lives within the state of Tennessee. we were sending out almost daily emails of pictures to family all over the country. and, they were responding. these responses, often short & quick witted, went to josh's email and would have been appreciated by all. plus, due to our computer savy selves owning a mac, we could not include any type on the emails or our outdated pc using family would not get the pictures at all. so, i thought what a great solution to all our issues- a blog. we sent out emails, created posts and waited. nothing. then a smart comment from kelly about us not blogging. so we created more posts, and nothing. so, we slowed down and poppy bill posted. and then, they started flowing in-not comments, complaints. complaints that we weren't updating our blog. but to us, it appeared that no one was reading it. so, here's the deal-blogging is a reciprocal relationship. we blog, you comment. got it. okay. so the following blogs are for you, poppy bill!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the pic's!!!!! poppy bill watches your blog often. happy b'day to the old one!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe he will catch up to me sometime. later, poppy bill


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